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Link Archive

Date Site Description

07/26/2000 $95,000 Adventure We've all received non-negotiable checks in the mail as advertisements for contests. But how many of us have actually tried cashing one? Well, Patrick Combs has. He chronicled the entire story on his site. This is excellent reading, so we won't tell you how the matter ended up.

07/25/2000 Totally Free Stuff Now you, too, can get semi-useless free stuff! The link content on this site ranges from pretty darn cool to somewhat weak, but, hey, it's free stuff, and who doesn't like that? Items range from e-mail accounts to food and posters to horoscopes.

07/24/2000 101 Uses for Duct Tape Wouldn't Red Green be proud? Despite the title, there are actually over 250 listed ways to use America's most useful substance. We still have to wonder about anyone that would use duct tape to bandage a wound.

07/21/2000 MyPoints Upon signing up, you get e-mail offers from various websites. Just by clicking on links, browsing sites, and accepting valuable offers, you accumulate points. These points are then good for gift certificates at tons of different retail stores and restaurants. We've been using MyPoints for over a year now, and have received almost $100 worth of gift certificates!

07/20/2000 MapBlast! Need a little direction in life? Or maybe just for a road trip? MapBlast! produces excellent maps, as well as driving directions. You should always try to verify these as best you can, but they're still better than MapQuest, their strongest rival. They also let you customize the way you print maps, directions, or a combination of both!

07/19/2000 VoyCabulary Ever come across a page with unintelligible meanings? This page allows you to enter the URL of any page and get a converted version that changes all the words on the page into links. Each of these links can then be clicked on to look the word up in a dictionary, thesaurus, or language translator. Also, by using it on your own site with the thesaurus feature, you can improve the writing on your page.

07/18/2000 Nader for President Bored with the presidential race? Sick of Mr. Stiffy Gore and General Drug-Addict Bush? In our search for a better candidate, we found Ralph Nader, who's all for restoring democracy in this country. Corporations have seized control of government at almost every level. It's about time for a change. Nader is running on the Green Party ticket this fall. For those not big on the whole voting thing, this may be your chance to cast your ballot for someone that isn't the lesser of two evils!

07/17/2000 Professional Disc Golf Association All you ever wanted to know about one of our favorite sports... Disc Golf! The site has a directory of courses, official rule book, and a forum for discussion. Chances are, there's one or two in your hometown. Go on, give it a try. No tee times, no greens fees, and the discs are only about $10 a piece. Just don't call them frisbees!

07/14/2000 Ever wanted to fight a speeding ticket but didn't know how? Us too. ;-) Now you can get free legal counsel anytime. This site offers practical legal information on a wide range of topics, from traffic law to immigration and arrests to real estate. They also have tips for avoiding troublesome situations with the law. Who needs a lawyer? Not us!

07/13/2000 Furniture Porn Going above and beyond the call of our duty to originality, we proudly link you to Furniture Porn. This is not a site to send the kiddies to, unless you want them looking at completely naked chairs engaged in all sorts of erotic positions. I'm surprised the Religious Right hasn't shut this place down yet. We hope you can control your passionate side.

07/12/2000 rotten dot com A fair warning: if you can't handle blood and sick jokes, you can't handle this site. The motto couldn't ring any truer: "An archive of disturbing illustration." If you're like the rest of the curious world, you'll take a peek at the most original site we've encountered to date. Autopsy, hit-by-train, and severed limb pictures abound. The humor is also quite ripe, so we couldn't ask for anything more. Go on, if you dare...

07/11/2000 Job Choices Online:
Resumes and Cover Letters
Unless you inherited a large sum of money or were involved in a huge insurance pay-off, chances are you need to keep a job. People are changing jobs often, so thus almost everyone should know how to write a resume. There are plenty of places you can pay to do it for you, but why not just learn how? This page has 6 samples and extensive explanations of resume writing.

07/10/2000 The Nuclear Files This site is provides a mass of information about the Nuclear Age, in which we all live. Ever since the first atomic bomb was tested in New Mexico on July 16, 1945, the world has been a different place. Here you can find documents, pictures, video, and other educational materials about the bomb, the Nuclear Age, and other compounding issues.

07/07/2000 The Webtender So you want to be a bartender... but you don't know drink recipes or what glasses they go in. Problem solved! This site maintains a database of drink recipes, including full mixing instructions serving directions, and a Bartender's Handbook. Oh, and we can't forget to mention the extensive list of drinking games. Go forth, drink, and be merry (no driving!!!).

07/06/2000 Electric Sheep Web Comix Only the best in web entertainment! Browse through the thoughtful, the inciteful, the clever, and, of course, the demented. Don't miss Apocamon, an apocalyptic spoof of Pokemon. Get to know your Apocalypse Monsters with the Apocodex.

07/05/2000 Body, Mind and Modem Stessed out? Who isn't? Not the makers of this site! The nice folks at Aikideo Kokikai of Rochester, NY have put together an extensive site with exercises, tricks, and philosophies aimed at helping people enjoy life to the fullest. Don't miss the interactive lesson, "The Seven Samurai (Minus Three)," and the Ki exercises.

06/30/2000 Where's George? Ever wonder where your dollar bill has been? ...or where it is headed? Worry no longer! Where's George? boasts the title. "The Great American Dollar Bill Locator." Just fill out a simple registration form, type in the serial number and series (year) of your bill, and you're all set! Look out Waldo!

06/29/2000 Michael Moore If you consider yourself knowledgable in the least, you should know who Michael Moore is... the creator of the movie Roger & Me, the book Downsize This!, and television shows TV Nation and The Awful Truth. This site has all sorts of information on grassroots politics and ways to take action. Go on, be like Mike! (M-I-C-HA-E-L, M-O-O-R-E) [Mickey Mouse tune]

06/28/2000 Museo de las Momias
(Museum of the Mummies)
A small, worthy collection of mummy pictures from the Museo de las Momias in Guanajuato, Mexico. One of the pictures is of what is claimed to be "the youngest mummy in the world." This is not for people with weak stomachs, but those with daring curiousity, enjoy.

06/27/2000 Talk about a sense of nostalgia! For all those who loved the cartoon, or haven't had the luxury... this site has it all: Episode synopsises, pictures of the figures, and even information about He-Man's famous sister, She-Ra!

06/26/2000 Learn CPR This site offers illustrated guides for performing Cardopulminary Resuscitation (CPR). Techniques for adults, children, and infants are layed out with illustrations. They even have a ready-to-print pocket guide!

06/23/2000 The Gallery of the Absurd Chuckles galore! Dedicated to all things absurd, this site also boasts The Annoying J. Crew Model of the Week and The Scary Clown Page. :-)!

06/22/2000 All We stumbled upon this site while looking for something quick and easy to make for dinner. Actually, we found, a subsite. Users can browse through recipes for anything you could imagine, as well as rate the recipes they try out. Bon appetit!

06/21/2000 Christopher Johnson's ASCII Art Collection Ever wonder where people get those cool signatures at the end of their e-mail? This is one of those places. Everything from Roses to Satan, this text art collection has it all.

06/20/2000 Price Watch® This site has the lowest prices on computer systems and components, hands down. Wholesale dealers enter their prices directly, driving them down. You can browse by the part you're looking for or search by brand name, part, or price. All the prices are appropriately listed with the lowest at the top and the others to follow. Who needs Best Buy?

06/19/2000 Joe Cartoon Home of the Frog in a Blender, Gerbil in the Microwave, and many more gut-busting multimedia toons. Original? Sick? Not for your mother? Of course. You'll need Macromedia Flash to view the toons.

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