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Site of the Day
For Wednesday, July 24, 2000
We've all received non-negotiable checks in the mail as advertisements for contests. But how many of us have actually tried cashing one? Well, Patrick Combs has. He chronicled the entire story on his site. This is excellent reading, so we won't tell you how the matter ended up.

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The Rip Slide Site of the Day is awarded to sites that we feel are very original, quite useful, and/or are a very good reference tool. This could be any site across the globe, except for our extremely critical minds. Mundane, run-of-the-mill, sold-out sites need not apply (not that there's an application).

Should you like to be considered for this esteemed honor, contact our webmaster. Careful, though, he has a tendency of being quite crabby when people bother him with unworthy sites.

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